Warranty Terms and Conditions

GREENFIELD ® products carry a 5 year warranty form the date of purchase.

This warranty extends to defects in material and workmanship.
If any defect in material or workmanship occurs within this period GREENFIELD ® will at its choice repair or replace the product.
This warranty does not apply if the defect occurs within this period as a result of the following:

The product being used for purposes other than for which it is intended.
Misuse, neglect, accidental or malicious damage.
Scratches or blemishes noted after the date of delivery.
GREENFIELD ® will not accept liability for any claims for consequential damages.

Any items or components not specifically manufactured by Greenfield are subject to manufacturers of these components/items warranty conditions.

To implement the above warranty the units must be returned to GREENFIELD factory where they will be replaced or repaired.
Disclaimer: The company pursues a policy of continuous improvement to designs and the performance of products and services and therefore reserves the right to vary the specifications of any of its products and services without prior notice.