Ventilex utility lockers

Product features

  • Designed to allow for content inspection of lockers.
  • Improves ventilation.
  • Used for storage of food boxes,hand bags ,keys,cell phones and folded clothing.
  • Doors are reinforced with top hat stiffners to provide improved strength and rigidity.
  • Standard colour is grey but various other colours are available at an additional cost.
  • Lockers are epoxy coated and oven baked for superior finish.
  • Lockers have pre punched back and side fixing holes for easy assembly and or wall fixing.
  • A variety of lock and accessory options are available.

Product range
V001 V002 V003
Utility locker Utility lockers 2 Shelves Utility lockers 3 Shelves
V004 V005 V006
Utility lockers 4 Shelves Utility lockers 5 Shelves Utility lockers 6 Shelves
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Product dimensions:
Height Width Depth Locker
mm’s mm’s mm’s Code
1800 300/380/450 450/500 V001
1800 300/380/450 450/500 V002
1800 300/380/450 450/500 V003
1800 300/380/450 450/500 V004
1800 300/380/450 450/500 V005
1800 300/380/450 450/500 V006
Standard specifications Locker codes
Description V001 V002 V003 V004 V005 V006
No of doors 1 2 3 4 5 6
No of shelves including base 2 2 3 4 5 6
Coat hooks per compartment 2 2
Hinge type Drop Drop Drop Drop Drop Drop
Lock type * H&S* H&S* H&S* H&S* H&S* H&S*
Standard colour Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey
* H & S = Hasp & staple
Lock options Locker codes
Lock type Lock code V001 V002 V003 V004 V005 V006
Hasp and staple L1 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Cam – 1 way L2 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Latch – 1 way L3 Y Y Y Y Y Y
T handle – 1 way L5 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Padlock – 3 way L6 Y Y
L handle – 3 way L7 Y Y
T handle – 3 way L8 Y Y
Combination lock L13 Y Y Y Y Y Y

Lock Code: L1


Hasp and Staple Standard

Lock Code: L2


Cam – 1 way

Lock Code: L3

Latch  – 1 way

Lock Code: L5

T Handle – 1 – way

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Lock Code: L6


Padlock – 3 way

Lock Code: L7


L – handle – 3 way

Lock Code: L8


T – handle – 3 way

Lock Code: L13


Combination lock

Accessory options Locker codes
Accessory Acc.code V001 V002 V003 V004 V005 V006
Additional shelves A1 Y Y
Galv.with powder coating A8 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Leg set custom made to any length A16 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Leg set single locker A17 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Louvre options A19 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Non standard colours for body or door A20 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Numbers A22 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Piano hinge A23 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Slope top A29 Y Y Y Y Y Y
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Acc.Code: A1
96.1Additional shelves
Acc.Code: A8
99Galv. + powder coating
Acc.Code: A16
93Leg set custom made
Acc.Code: A17
94Leg set single locker


Acc.Code: A19
LVlLouvre options
Acc.Code: A20
99.1Non standard colours
Acc.Code: A22
Acc.Code: A23
100Piano hinge
Acc.Code: A29
95Slope top