Guardsman Cupboards & Wardrobes

Product Information

  • Cupboards & wardrobes are manufactured to the highest quality standards.
  • Pre – punched back and side holes allow for units to be fixed to walls and side to side to create continuous banks of units.
  • Several lock and accessory options are available to provide with the exact features you require.
  • All cupboards & wardrobes are epoxy powder coated & oven baked to ensure a superior finish.
  • Scroll down to view specifications for individual cupboards & wardrobes and lock & accessory options.
  • Order direct from the factory.
    For assistance in selecting the right product for your application contact our sales department at 011 39 31333 or e – mail,


Cupboards & Wardrobes Product Range


Stationary cupboard ivory & karoo


Stationary cupboard grey & white


Stationary cupboard grey


Wardrobe – 600 mm W


Wardrobe – 900 mm W


½ Stationary cupboard


Hostel wardrobe


Cell phone charging station

Ideal for office or factory


Cell phone charging station

Ideal for office or factory

Cupboards & Wardrobes Product Range
Product dimensions – Guardsman range GS001 to GS005
Height – mm Width – mm Depth mm Product code
1800 900 450 GS001
1800 900 450 GS001.1
1800 900 450 GS001.2
1800 600 450 GS002
1800 900 450 GS003
900 900 450 GS004
1800 790 520 GS005
Product specifications – Guardsman range GS001 to GS005
Description GS001 GS002 GS003 GS004 GS005
No of doors 2 2 2 2 2
No of hanging rails 1 1 2
Hinge type Drop Drop Drop Drop Drop
Lock options   GS 001 to GS005 
Lock Code L6 – option 1 3-way P-lock 3-way P-lock 3-way P-lock 3-way P-lock 3-way P-lock
Lock code L7 – standard 3-way L- lock 3-way L- lock 3-way L- lock 3-way L- lock Integral H&S
Lock Code L8 – option 2 T – handle T – handle T – handle T – handle 3-way L- lock
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Number of shelfs GS001 to GS005
No of 300 mm wide 3 3
No of 395 mm wide 6
No of 600 mm wide 1
No of 900 mm wide 4 1 1
Accessory options GS001 to GS005
Additional shelves – A1 Y Y Y Y Y
Galvanised steel – A8 Y Y Y Y Y
Leg set custom made Y Y Y Y Y
Non-standard colours Y Y Y Y Y
Numbers Y Y Y Y Y
Slope tops Y Y Y Y Y

Scroll down to view accessory options

View lock options GS001 to GS005


 3 – way P – lock



3 – way L – lock



T – handle


View accessory options GS001 to GS005
A1 96.1Additional shelves A8  99Galv. + powder coated A1693 Custom made leg set A20

Non-standard colours

A22 numbers Numbers A23 95 Slope Top