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Guardsman post box lockers

Product features

  • Ideal for centralised corporate mail distribution , town house complexes,staff rooms,and police stations ,etc.
  • Different door configurations and sizes make them versatile and practical for various applications
  • Standard colour is grey but various other colours are available at an additional cost.
  • Lockers are epoxy coated and oven baked for superior finish.
  • Lockers have pre punched back and side fixing holes for easy assembly and or wall fixing.
  • A variety of lock and accessory options are available.
Product range
GPV003 GPH003 GPV006 GPH006
Postal lockers 3 Door Postal lockers 3 Door Postal lockers 6 Door Postal lockers 6 Door

Product dimensions:
Height Width Depth Post slot Locker
mm’s mm’s mm’s mm’s Code
330 990 450/500 265 X 30 GPH003
990 330 450/500 265 x 30 GPV003
1800 330 450/500 265 X 30 GPV006
330 1800 450/500 265 x 30 GPH006
Standard specifications Locker codes
Description GPV003 GPH003 GPV006 GPH006
No of doors 3 3 6 6
No of shelves including base 3 3 6 6
Hinge type Piano Piano Piano Piano
Lock type * Cam 1 way Cam 1 way Cam 1 way Cam 1 way
Standard colour Grey Grey Grey Grey


Lock options Locker codes
Lock type Lock code GPV003 GPH003 GPV006 GPH006
Hasp & staple L1 Y Y Y Y
Cam – 1 way* L2 Y Y Y Y
Latch – 1 way L3 Y Y Y Y
T handle – 1 way L5 Y Y Y Y
Door mounted combination lock L13 Y Y Y Y


Lock options Locker Codes
Lock type Lock code GB001 GB002 GB003 GB004 GB005 GB006
Hasp and Staple * L1 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Cam – 1 way L2 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Latch – 1 way L3 Y Y Y Y Y Y
T handle – 1 way L5 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Padlock – 3 way L6 Y Y
L handle – 3 way L7 Y Y
T handle – 3 way L8 Y Y
Coin Lock L9 Y Y Y Y
Combination lock L13 Y Y Y Y Y Y


View lock options
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Lock Code: L1



Hasp & Staple

Lock Code: L288


Cam – 1 way Locking

Lock Code: L389


Latch – 1 way

Lock Code: L5


91T – handle – 1 way


Lock Code: L13


Door mounted
combination lock

Accessory options Locker codes
Call (011) 393 1333 for your locker solutions.
Accessory Acc.code GPV006 GPH006
Galv.with powder coating A8 Y Y
Non standard colours body or door A20 Y Y
Numbers A22 Y Y
Slope top A29 Y Y
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Acc Code: A8


Galv, + powder coating

Acc Code:A20


Non standard colours

Acc Code:A22



Acc Code:A29


Slope top