Guardsman Mini Lock-it

Product Features

  • Designed for storage of small items such as keys, cell phones, wallets, purses, watches, bracelets etc.
  • Used extensively in fitness clubs, offices, staff rooms and many other areas.
  • Standard colour is grey but various other colours are available at an additional cost.
  • Lockers are epoxy coated and oven baked for superior finish.
  • Lockers have pre-punched back and side fixing holes for easy assembly and or wall fixing.
  • A variety of lock and accessory options are available .
Product range
GM10 GM20
Mini locker 10 Door Mini locker 20 Door
Product dimensions:
Height Width Depth Locker
mm’s mm’s mm’s Code
946 621 270 GM20
946 325 270 GM10
Standard specifications Locker codes
Description GM10 GM20
No of doors 10 20
No of shelves including base 10 20
Hinge type High security rod hinge High security rod hinge
Compart. size – mm’s 170H x 145W 170H x 145W
Standard Lock * Cam 1 way Cam 1 way
Standard colour ** Grey Grey

*   Other options available scroll down to lock options.
** Other colours available contact sales department for more information.


Lock options Locker codes
Lock type Lock code GM20 GM10
Cam – 1 way* L2 Y Y
Latch – 1 way L3 Y Y
L handle – 1 way L4 Y Y
T handle – 1 way L5 Y Y
Combination lock L13 Y Y


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Lock Code: L2


Cam Lock


Lock Code: L389

Latch – 1 way


Lock Code: L490

L – handle – 1 way


Lock Code: L591

T – handle – 1 way


Lock Code: L13

l13Combination lock

Accessory options Locker codes
Accessory Code GM20 GM10
Drop hinge A7 Y Y
Galv.with powder coating A8 Y Y
Internal rod hinge * A20 Y Y
Numbers A22 Y Y
Slope Top A29 Y Y
* High security heavy duty tamper proof hinge
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Acc. Code: A7


Drop hinge

Acc. Code: A8


Galv. + powder coating

Acc. Code: A20


Non standard colours

Acc. Code: A22
Acc. Code: A26


Tamper proof high security rod hinge*

Acc. Code: A29


Slope top