Celebrity wall mounted lockers

Product features

  • Ideal for storage if circumstances require wall fixing.
  • Creates an upmarket look at an affordable price.
  • Supawood doors with steel frame combine tradition and trendy creating a unique styling.
  • Supawood beech veneer is standard for door, other veneer finishes are available.
  • Standard body is grey , other colours are available.
  • Locker bodies are epoxy coated and oven baked for superior finish.
  • Lockers have pre punched back and side fixing holes for easy assembly and or wall fixing.
  • A variety of lock and accessory options are available.
Product range
CBH004 CBH0041 CBH0042 CBH006
Wall Mounted Lockers 4 Door Wall Mounted Lockers 4 Door Wall Mounted Lockers 4 Door Wall Mounted Lockers 6 Door

Product dimensions:
Height Width Doors Door width Depth Locker
mm’s mm’s Qty mm’s mm’s Code
300/380/450 1200 4 300 450/500 CBH004
300/380/450 1520 4 380 450/500 CBH0041
300/380/450 1800 4 450 450/500 CBH0042
300/380/450 1800 6 300 450/500 CBH006
Standard specifications Locker codes
Description CBH004 CBH0041 CBH0042 CBH006
No of doors 4 4 4 6
No of shelves including base 1 1 1 1
Hinge type Piano Piano Piano Piano
Lock type Latch Latch Latch Latch
Standard body colour Grey Grey Grey Grey
Standard supawood veneer Pink beech Pink beech Pink beech Pink beech


Lock options Locker codes
Lock type Lock code CBH004 CBH0041 CBH0042 CBH006
Cam – 1 way L2 Y Y Y Y
Latch – 1 way L3 Y Y Y Y
L handle – 1 way L4 Y Y Y Y
T handle – 1 way L5 Y Y Y Y
Door mounted combination lock L13 Y Y Y Y
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Lock Code: L2
88Cam 1 way
Lock Code: L3


Latch 1 way

Lock Code: L4


L – handle 1 way

Lock Code: L5


T- handle 1 way

Lock Code: L13
l13Door mounted combination padlock
Accessory options Locker codes
Accessory Acc.code CBH004 CBH0041 CBH0042 CBH006
Celebrity full door A4 Y Y Y Y
Galv.with powder coating A8 Y Y Y Y
Non standard colours for body or door A20 Y Y Y Y
Non standard veneer finishes A21 Y Y Y Y
Numbers A22 Y Y Y Y
Slope top A29 Y Y Y Y
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Acc.Code: A4
105-150x150Celebrity full door
Acc.Code: A8
99Galv. + powder coating
Acc.Code: A20
99.1Non standard colours
Acc.Code: A21


Non standard veneers

Acc.Code: A22



Acc.Code: A29


Slope top