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Bench Accessories
Accessory code Product information
BA001 Adjustable foot piece
• Bench can be set to floor level for greater stability.
• Mounted onto bench leg.
BA002 Arm rest
• Manufactured in angle iron,round or square tubing.
• Improves comfort.
BA003 Base plate with adjustable foot piece
• Bench can be set to floor level and baseplate fixed to floor.
*Ensures greter stability.
BA004 Base plate for floor fixing
• Bench fixed to floor to preventtheft and moving of bench.
BA005 Bench mounted coat rail
• Rail with coat hook mounted onbenches,increases storage capicity.
• Available in angle iron,round andsquare tubing.
BA006 Boot locker
9.22 • Boot locker installed under bench,optimising floor space.
BA007 Galvanised + powder coated • Recommended for high humidity areas.
• Cleaning process ensures good powderbonding and quality finish.
BA008 Non standard colours • Colours can be matched to other furniture & fixtures.
• Matched to corporate colours.
BA009 Shoe rack – wire
• Fixed to bench for shoe storage savingfloor space.
*Keeps floor tidy.
BA010 Shoe rack – steel
• Fixed to bench for shoe storage savingfloor space.
BA011 Top rack – wire
• Allows overhaed storage,increases storage space.
*Optimises floor space.
Top rack – steel
• Allows overhaed optimise floor space.
BA013 Wall mounted back rest
14.13 • Fixed to wall to keep wall clean.
• Improves comfort.
BA014 Wall mounted coat rail
14.12 • Provides additional hanging space.
• Coat hooks availble in various colours.


Centre back rest

• Used in double sided bench
• Steel frame and meranti back rest