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Ventilex uniform and equipment cupboards

Product features

  • This range of versatile cupboards are ideal for storing a wide range of products.
  • The VS001 and VS005 for stationary items,books and files.
  • The VS002 and VS 003 are used for safety equipment,cleaning materials and uniforms
  • The VS004 is perfect for storing a large number of leaflets and catalogues.
  • Doors are reinforced with top hat stuffners to provide improved strength and rigidity.
  • Standard colour is ivory karoo but various other colours are available at an additional cost.
  • Lockers are epoxy coated and oven baked for superior finish.
  • Lockers have pre punched back and side fixing holes for easy assembly and or wall fixing.
  • Uniform storage area in cupboards is fitted with 2 coat hooks.
  • A variety of lock and accessory options are available.
Product range
VS001 VS002 VS003 VS004 VS005
75.2 75 75.3 75.1 75.4
(011) 393 1333
Product dimensions:
Height Width Depth Locker
mm’s mm’s mm’s Code
1800 900 450 VS001
1800 900 450 VS002
1800 600 450 VS003
1800 900 450 VS004
1800 900 450 VS005
900 900 450 VS006
Standard specifications Locker codes
Description VS001 VS002 VS003 VS004 VS005
No of doors 2 2 2 2 2
No of shelves incl. base * 5 5 5 10 2
No of coat hooks 2 2
Hinge type Drop Drop Drop Drop Drop
Lock type L 3way L 3way L 3way L 3way L 3way
Standard body colour Ivory Ivory Ivory Ivory Ivory
Standard door colour Karoo Karoo Karoo Karoo Karoo
Shelf details
Description VS001 VS002 VS003 VS004 VS005
No of 900 mm shelves 4 1 1
No of 300 mm shelves 3 3 15
No of 600 mm shelves 1
Lock options Locker codes
Lock type Lock code VS001 VS002 VS003 VS004 VS005
Padlock – 3 way L6 Y Y Y Y Y
L handle – 3 way L7 Y Y Y Y Y
T handle – 3 way L8 Y Y Y Y Y
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Lock Code: L6


Padlock – 3 way

Lock Code: L7

L – handle – 3 way

Lock Code: L8


T – handle – 3 way

Accessory Options Locker codes
Accessory Acc.code VS001 VS002 VS003 VS004 VS005
Additional shelves A1 Y Y
Galv.with powder coating A8 Y Y Y Y Y
Leg set custom made to any length A16 Y Y Y Y Y
Leg set single A17 Y Y Y Y Y
Louvre options A19 Y Y Y Y Y
Non standard colours body or door A20 Y Y Y Y Y
Numbers A22 Y Y Y Y Y
Piano hinge A23 Y Y Y Y Y
Slope top A29 Y Y Y Y Y
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Acc.Code: A1
96.1Additional shelves
Acc.Code: A8
99Galv. + powder coating
Acc.Code: A16
93Leg set custom made
Acc.Code: A17
94Leg set single
Acc.Code: A19
LVlLouvre options
Acc.Code: A20
99.1Non standard colours
Acc.Code: A22
Acc.Code: A23
92Piano hinge
Acc.Code: A29
95Slope top