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Project: St. Peters School.
Locker type: LL010,laptop/iPad locker with charging units.

: Celebrity with full wood door option.

Project: Redhill School.
Locker range: Celebrity with full wood door option.


Lockers ready for delivery to site.
Project: Sasol Secunda.
Locker range: 6 door Ventilex.
Lock option selected: Latch lock.
Accessory option selected: Slope top.

Planet Fitness

Project: Planet Fitness, Sterland , Sunnyside, Pretoria.
Locker type: GB002 Full door steel locker.
Lock type: Latch lock.

Trencon 2

Project: Eland Platinum.
Locker type: Guardsman locker for workwear distribution.

Planet Fitness

Project: Krugersdorp Golf Club.
Locker Style:Combo Supreme.

Styldrift 2

Project: CRC Transnet
Product selected: Greenfield Canteen Benches


Lockers ready for quality inspection.
Project: Volkswagen Uitenhage.
Locker type: Custom made “Securitec” locker.